Friday, January 16, 2009

Painting Sale

As a little thank you from me to you, I'm putting my available paintings on sale! All seven pieces are up on our walls right now, and though we've really enjoyed having them in our home, I'd also love for you to enjoy them in your home. The paintings and their info are listed below. The prices are based on the unframed paintings, but framing is available. Email me at if you're interested.

Here's a look at the art above our sofa right now.

"The Girl He Chose" 8x8, Sold

"Cloudless" 10x10, $225 on sale for $200

"The Right Amount of Light" 10x10, $225 on sale for $200

"Little More Rain" 10x10, $225 on sale for $200

"Sticking it Out" 10x10, $225 on sale for $200

"Softly" 6.5x14, $225 on sale for $200

"Carried Away" 20x20, $450 on sale for $400